Message from our Vice President – Roof Cleanings

Village Walk Home Owners

The roof cleaning is almost completed and I would like to thank the home owners who participated in getting their roofs cleaned. The community looks much better with fresh roofs. There were 34 roofs identified as needing cleaning and 26 of those were accomplished.

There was one issue to pass along to all home owners. We had a few sky lights that leaked from the washing action leading to believe that under high winds with rain there could be more.

Recommendation;  if you haven’t had your sky lights inspected recently it might be a good idea to have that done.

Thanks to Dawn Hass for recommending Shannon McClain of “McClain’s Pressure Washing” for the great job. If you need any pressure cleaning you might want to keep this number 772 783 5616

Thanks again

Mike Nisbet VP 406 788 7784

Project Coordinator