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Message from our Vice President – Roof Cleanings

Village Walk Home Owners The roof cleaning is a task to monitor. The community looks much better with fresh roofs.  One issue to keep in mind to all home owners. We have had a few sky lights that leaked from the washing action.  That may raise a concern that under high winds with rain there […]

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Message from our President – Waste Management

Hello Village Walkers, Welcome back to more fun in the sun. In case anyone missed the letter Waste Management put in the newspaper about the recycling & garbage carts it is attached for your information. If you are  NOT swapping your carts they must be kept in the garage or behind your unit. Thank you for your Co-operation. […]

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Message from our President – Burglaries

Hello Village Walkers, Please be advised that the Sheriff’s Department has informed us that there has been an increase in auto burglaries in the area. They have asked us to keep our cars locked if parked outside overnight. Out of the last 80 burglaries all but 2 were due to easy access (cars left unlocked) and the […]

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